Campus Musicals

Campus Musicals, a component of MainStreet Festivals, provides a unique synergy between emerging and developing theater artists and the professional theater community.

In this program, college students take part - onstage or back stage - in local Festivals.  They may select, prepare, and perform roles from a “grab-bag” of choice theatrical sequences from brand-new, award-winning new musicals for Scene Study or Directing classes or for other administration-approved club activities. 

Every year, six new shows are added to Mainstreet’s Archive of Award-winners - from which students select their scenes.  MainStreet provides the scripts, scores, and demo CDs to participating programs. 

Full-length works may be prepared under the supervision of a faculty director/coordinator or (by special arrangement with MainStreet) with a professional director engaged to supervise and rehearse the students during all or part of the rehearsal period.

MainStreet Campus Activities

Initially, MainStreet requests that the normal presentation format be concert-reading; however students and faculty may pursue one or more subsequent “next-step” activities made available by special agreement between MainStreet and the authors:

  • MainStreet will link Campus programs with any professional MainStreet Festivals in the area.
  • Campus program leaders may arrange to perform presentations at local or regional MainStreet Festivals.
  • MainStreet provides all materials for the selected show(s) as well as access to the creative teams.
  • Campus programs may arrange for the author(s) to visit the campus and work with the director, students and faculty in a “workshop” of the piece.
  • Campus programs may arrange to do a full productions of MainStreet pieces subject to a standard agreement detailing regulatory guidelines.
  • MainStreet will provide a web presence, access to social media, our own web-based video blog, and, in time, a national performance competition.
  • Corporations and individuals who sponsor these programs will receive recognition in MainStreet’s print and Internet-based marketing and advertising options.
  • Campus Affiliates are represented on MainStreet’s Board of Governors.
  • MainStreet will need to establish contact with at least one faculty member who can be responsible for these activities.


MSM Evaluates Musicals and selects three
for presentation by
Regional Affiliates.

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The MainStreet Team

Tim Jerome, President

Barbara Bellman

Bill Liberman

Ron Spivak

Robert Kesten

Sarah Melissa Rotker

Wren Marie Harrington

Nancy Robillard

Alyce Mott

Roger Ames

Christian Sebek

Manuel Zarate

Jenna Maryn

Aaron David Gleason

Doug Barron

Main Street Musicals


(partial list)

Lynn Ahrens

Emanuael Azenberg

Gabriel Barre

Patricia Birch

Michael Cassara

Kathleen Chalfant

Graciela Daniele

Stephen Flaherty

Sutton Foster

Sheldon Harnick

George Hearn

Judy Kaye

Nina Lannan

Peter Lawrence

Hal Linden

John Lithgow

Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill

Patti Lupone

Brian Stokes Mitchell

Dina Merrill

Robert Petkoff

Harold Prince

Thomas Schumacher

Thomas Z. Shepard

Tony Walton

Lillias White

Main Street Musicals

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