Campus Musicals

A division of MainStreet Musicals, Campus Musicals features programs that provide unique opportunities for students - emerging theater artists - to interact with professionals in activities involving fine new works in “pre-development.”

Campus Musicals’ Programs


  • Once a college theatre faculty-member registers as a MainStreet Campus Affiliate (by simply giving us their name*), MainStreet will happily make available any scripts, scores, and audio demos in our Library for use in the Affiliate’s CAMPUS MUSICALS programs.  In addition, MainStreet will provide access to their creators (authors) and will automatically promote their activities to other MainStreet activities in the area and nationally.


  • Students in Affiliated programs may select, prepare, and perform scenes and full-length presentations from new, award-winning - as yet-unproduced - new musicals for scene study or directing classes, for Affiliate-approved club activities, and for MainStreet-organized Benefits and performance competitions. 


  • This annual competition, the product of a collaboration between MainStreet Musicals and Acceptd, is now in its second year. 
  • Students are encouraged to select one of four songs harvested from new Recommended musicals and enter by performing them on video. **


  • Affiliates may arrange for full-length, book-in-hand presentations of Recommended Works performed on campus or as part of any local professional MainStreet Presentation activities including Festivals.


  • An Affiliate may arrange, through MainStreet, to have a professional Alum brought back to campus - along with the creators of a selected Recommended Work (in which the Alum has played a leading role in a pre-development presentation) - to prepare a full-length Benefit Presentation of the Work featuring student and local professional performers.



Tim Jerome, President

Sherman Yellen, Chairperson

Maggie Harrer, Vice-President

Dr. Aaron Adair

Roger Ames

Doug Barron

Barbara Bellman

Edward R. Cox

Aaron David Gleason

Wren Marie Harrington

Joshua Hinck

Emma R. Jerome

Robert Kesten

Bill Liberman

Vatican Lokey

Marc Moritz

Alyce Mott

Sarah Melissa Rotker

Charley Repole

Nancy Robillard

Christian Sebek

Ron Spivak

Main Street Musicals


(partial list)

Lynn Ahrens

Emanuael Azenberg

Gabriel Barre

Patricia Birch

Michael Cassara

Kathleen Chalfant

Graciela Daniele

Stephen Flaherty

Sutton Foster

Sheldon Harnick

George Hearn

Judy Kaye

Nina Lannan

Peter Lawrence

Hal Linden

John Lithgow

Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill

Patti Lupone

Brian Stokes Mitchell

Dina Merrill

Robert Petkoff

Harold Prince

Thomas Schumacher

Thomas Z. Shepard

Tony Walton

Lillias White

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